HOUSE OF PAIN - Pass The Jinn lyrics

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Verse:<br>Cockni o'dire<br><br>Watch out, bust the style I be kickin'<br>I play the gig role and bite your head off like a chicken<br>I'm the lord of the rings like bilbo baggins<br>Return of my dragon, pants be saggin'<br>Science be droppin', thoughts be buildin'<br>My instinct's primal, tappin' your spinal<br>I'll smack mike and janet for the whole freakin' planet<br>Don't take me for granted, 'cause my eyes be slanted<br>From the phat back of blade, I must consume<br>'cause my soul's on the verge of impending doom<br>So make room, for the crew with kegs of brew<br>Doin' what we do, so what's the matter with you<br><br>Verse:<br>Divine styler<br><br>Verse:<br>Cockni o'dire<br><br>I bow my head to the east five times a day<br>I put my face in the dirt every time I pray<br>To disrupt the jinn in me, 'cause the sin in me's<br>Tryin' to take over and make my soul crossover<br>I'm steady rollin' with my head ***** up<br>'cause my system pumps loud, everybody's on my nuts<br>And everybody wants to know who lives the phattest<br>The black 850 representin' my status<br>Plus, I got the baddest, house on the hill<br>My bank account's full, but my soul's empty still<br><br>Verse:<br>Divine styler<br><br>Verse:<br>Cockni o'dire<br><br>I said take me from your house of pain<br>See my style's maintained, 'cause my membrane's sane<br>So put down your juice, pass your jinn<br>Push up on a skin, I begin to win<br>There ain't, no need to worry about where I've been<br>If I pass my jinn I begin to win<br>I say, put down your juice, pass the jinn<br>Push up on a skin I begin to win<br>There ain't, no need to worry 'bout where I've been<br>If I pass my jinn I begin to win<br><br>Verse:<br>Divine styler

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