HOUSE OF PAIN - One For The Road lyrics

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Huh! check it out! everybody in the house, check it out!<br>The house of pain is in full effect<br><br>Call me the corn fed, peckerwood, redneck cracker<br>White bread, shit kickin' irish beat jacker<br>Comin' with the style of a celtic rebel<br>Those who ain't on my level call me the blue eyed devil<br>But that's just because they don't know what I know<br>And that's just because they can't flow like I flow<br>I rip shit, dip shit, so what you gotta say<br>Why you wanna play, I fuck you up with no delay<br>And knock your motherfucking fronts out<br>Smoke my philly blunts out, my buddha never runs out<br>I turn the little scunts out<br>And I got the hookers callin' me pops<br>Once their cherry pops, everlast gets all the props<br>I'm hittin' skins from here to copenhagen<br>I bed the wenches cause you know I'm a pagan<br>The house of pain, that's the name of my crew<br>You don't like it, tough luck, what the fuck you gonna do<br>Nothin', you ain't sayin' nothin'<br>You need to start puffin' and relax<br>Or you'll wind up gettin' taxed<br>For your money, for your jewels, for your car, for your ho<br>My crew, they start trippin' while I'm rippin' up the show<br><br>Chorus<br>Mickey mouse, you know he's in the house<br>I said mickey mouse, you know he's in the house<br><br>One for the road, this is one for the road<br>For my man matt champy, this is one for the road<br>Tura lura lura, tura lura lie<br>Tura lura lura, that's an irish lullaby<br>No need to act fly, you'll be sayin' nighty-night<br>The place you're in is right if you're lookin' for a fight<br>Step up, your blood, I spill it<br>Put on the beat, I kill it<br>I'll burn ya like some bacon that's been fryin' in my skillet<br>Move over sizzlean, my favorite color's green<br>But I'll beat ya black and blue, cause I'm always with my crew<br><br>Chorus (x2)

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