HOUSE OF PAIN - No Doubt lyrics

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Chorus (x 2)<br><br>No doubt<br>Hold tight<br>Till the break of dawn<br>Till the break of light<br><br>Say yes, yes ya'll<br>To the right beat<br>Get up everybody's bout to leave their feet<br>Get down everybody's bout to lose their seat<br>I be huntin down crews like pacino in heat<br>Puttin phsycology in your biology<br>No scientolgy<br>Dianedic anistedic<br>You took bad advise<br>Kid, I'm madd precise<br>When it's time to get nice<br>I heat it up like spice<br><br>Chorus (x 2)<br><br>C'mon lets be real<br>You only think you can deal<br>Cause when I'm holdin the steel<br>I rock shit that make you feel like<br>Damn that look easy, maybe I could do it<br>So you take a phat beat<br>And put your wack rhymes to it<br>And God only knows<br>What could make you persue it<br>For those that cant dance<br>Just clap your hands to it<br><br>Chorus<br><br>You tell me you the baddest<br>And you get the most cream<br>But tell me what's the status<br>On your self esteem<br>You fronin on your jewels<br>And your bens<br>And your lex,<br>All the bodies that you caught<br>And all the females you sexed<br>Yes, yes ya'll<br>True indeed<br>The sight of the world<br>Keeps me high on weed<br>Makes my eyeballs bleed<br>But I must proceed<br>Yo that chic's good lookin<br>But she's hooked on speed<br>Buy a first row ticket<br>Watch the vultures feed<br>Get you culture free<br>From the lust and greed<br><br>Chorus (x 2)

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