HOUSE OF PAIN - Life Goes On lyrics

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Remember when the shit hit the fan and the man wanted to know which way you ran? <br><br>(life goes on) (4x)<br><br>Back it up, smack it up, pop your corn<br>I got more style than son doobie's got horn<br>Top o the morn, rise and shine<br>La swine, got no spine<br>Drop that stick, pig, my crew's real thick<br>Drop your gun, pig, and get a real dick<br>I got my gat cause I don't trust ya<br>Play me close and make me nervous, I'll bust ya<br>La's no joke, the cops don't care<br>They'll beat ya down till there's just a fuckin' hair<br>Of life left in ya, then they'll pin ya<br>Way out in wayside, watch your backside<br>White and black crime is what goes on<br>And life goes on<br><br>Chorus<br>And life goes on (13x)<br><br>And on and on till the break of dawn<br>And on to the next day, ay yo, by the way<br>Did you know about the science of creation<br>About the masons, about their nation<br>Of disarm, this arm, a lega lega or a head<br>To the thirty-third degree, you know that's me<br>Ease back, so ease off or I'll squeeze off<br>My clip, please don't trip, or we's gonna flip<br>The house of pain makes clouds a rains<br>On parades, I wear shades when it's sunny<br>Sometimes I rock funny, I ain't in it for the money<br>But I get mine before the show goes on<br>And life goes on<br><br>Chorus

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