HOUSE OF PAIN - It Aint A Crime (UK Remix) lyrics

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Johnny was a bad boy

He was a juvenile delinquent

He had his picture

On the wall of every precinct

He had a rep for hangin' out with his homies

Puffin' on the blunts

And sippin' on the 40's

But when he spoke

Nobody would listen

And when he was home

His parents, they would diss him

They called him a bum

A worthless piece of shit

So over this he had a fit

And now he grabs his bag

And heads for the door

And walks to the neighborhood

Liquor store

Pulls out a gat

And tells the old man, "Hit the floor"

Then breaks open his register drawer

Pulls out the money

Stuffs it in his pocket

Points his pistol

Then he starts to cock it

The man panicks and the gun goes off

Stupid old fool

Made Johnny blow his head off

But he don't care

'Cause he was taught

It ain't a crime

If ya don't get caught

[chorus (3x)]

It ain't a crime if you don't get caught

That's how it is homie like it or not

Now, comin' out of the store

Johnny shot two acpedic Jews

When he got home

His face was on the news

His mom freaked out

Told him, "Get the fuck out"

That's when the pigs rolled up

So, yo he ducked out

He hit the back door

Like his name was Carl Lewis

Dipped to the pay phone

To find out where his crew is

He called up his home boy Jose (word up)

"Can I come over, my man?"

He said, "No way!"

The cop- was here

He was lookin' all over for ya

But I told the pig

I didn't know ya

He said, "Cool,

pick me up at the school

I need a ride 'cause

I'm wanted for homicide"

Johnny's got his gun

And he's on the run

But he don't care

To him, the shit's fun

Now that he's an outlaw

Sorta like Robin Hood

The hard-rock hero

Of the whole neighborhood

If they catch him

He'll wind up in court, but

It ain't a crime if ya don't get caught (ha ha)


It ain't a sale if it don't get bought

It ain't a show if I don't get paid

She ain't a ho if ya don't get laid

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