HOUSE OF PAIN - House Of Pain Anthem lyrics

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House of pain anthem<br>I'm a wood peckin' peckerwood<br>Take me out, ya never could<br>Act up in my neighbourhood<br>You better not, my aim is good<br>The house of pain is not a gang<br>Just a funky irish name<br>A celtic savage makin' cabbage<br>With corn beef on the side<br>Irish pride is what I got<br>I got alot so don't dispute it<br>Constantly I'm suited<br>If ya got a gun then shoot it<br>Pick any beat I rock it<br>I'm always in the pocket<br>You try to ill, I grab my gat<br>And now you see my cock it<br>Next I pull the trigger<br>I don't care if you're bigger<br>You try to con yourself you're bulletproof<br>But how ya figure? <br>The caps that I'll be poppin'<br>They'll have your body droppin'<br>You thought you knew the deal<br>But now you feel your heartbeat stoppin'<br>I'm moppin' up the comp<br>That's short for compitition<br>I write my lyrics like<br>The irish mob in hell's kitchen<br><br>Chorus<br><br>The house of pain in effect, y'all<br>I say the house of pain is in effect<br>You know the house of pain is in effect y'all<br>And anyone that steps up in gettin' wrecked<br>I'm a beer drinkin' fighter<br>The bike in easy rider<br>I only roll my spliffs<br>With the extra easy whiters<br>Papers to vapors<br>Is what you'll all be catchin'<br>Meanwhile I'll be snatchin'<br>Up your hoes and all your dough<br>The styles that I'll be kickin'<br>You know they're finger lickin'<br>Good, the peckerwood never could play the victim<br>Only the offender<br>I go out on a bender<br>Drink a case of brew<br>And then disgrace the crew<br>But only if it's mickeys<br>I never wear no dickeys<br>Only wear the levi's<br>My whole family cries<br><br>Chorus

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