HOUSE OF PAIN - House And The Rising Son lyrics

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I rock the ill shit, ya know I kill shit

And then I build shit, get off my dillsnick

Cause I don't play that, my style goes way back

I kick my shit one time, dude, fuck the playback

I go off my head, you know I shave my shit

And ya don't quit, I say you don't quit

Cause I'm the prodigal son, ya get well done

Just like a steak, gimme a break

Like Nel Carter

There's tartar on your teeth, homeboy ya got beef

Well then ya get broke, because my crew's no joke

The House Of Pain

Is kickin' up dirt and if we're inside the jam

Ya know we're liftin' up skirts, grabbin' on the snatch

Feelin' on the skin, I'm knockin' on your door

Honey let me in

Cause I'm down with the freak mode baby

I'm at my sexual peak, young lady

Ain't nobody cooler than my man Son Doobie

Don't ya fuck around, I'll smack your knuckles with a ruler

Just like a nun from a catholic school

I'll make ya drool, and play the fool

Snatch ya by the ears, smack ya up like a queer

Take a puff off my blunt, and then sip my beer

Kick the mean style, leave bodies in a pile

Everlast is my name, I'm from the House Of Pain

You know that I never play the punk role

Cause I'm a white Irish man with a funk soul


That's what it is y'all, that's what it is (That's what it is)


Smooth like Beretta, quicker than a Jetta

You're soft like a feather, you little bed wetter

Baby, mabye, I heard you caught the rabies

Bitin' on my shit, I have to say haybee

Son'll be rockin' until tomorrow

Cause I've got the right one, like Ray Charles

Follow, swallow, the funky pass the bottle

Cause I get recked like if I crashed my auto

I'll play it, I'll win it

I've done it, I did it

Some say I'm kiddin'

But right at this minute

I'll freak it, I'll funk it

And like a country bumpkin

From Alberquerque who's gonna carve the turkey

Ready, serve, entertain like Merv

Griffin, sniffin' panties, I'm a perv

The Dooby funk fellow, smooth like a jello

Some say mellow, complicated like Othello

The Rican who's speakin'

Freaks it every weekend

Cause I'll be trick or treatin'

I used to drive a Lincoln

Drivin', speedin', hey R.I.F. (Reading Is Fundamental), I'm readin'

I make more money than that kid Alex Keaton


I rip flesh, yes y'all, run for the mess hall

And get your grub while I'm rhymin' on your dub

Gettin' play at the club, then I step to the pub

And crack a brew, what the fuck ya gonna do? (Drop it)

I rip shit, kill it, cut your gut and spill it

Treat ya like a gas tank, take your ass and fill it

And take ya for a ride to where I reside

Put your face in my pillow, and have ya weepin' like a willow

I tax that but, wax that ass

*Bust* a nut in your teeth, then wait for you to beef

[Chorus x2]

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