HOUSE OF PAIN - Feel It lyrics

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we got bo, duke and daisy goin' to<br>Go see boss hogg. then ya got kooter fixin' over them cars...<br>I don't need a glock cause I'm not a hard rock<br>Got bitches on my jock, like new kids on the block<br>I can't lose like parker lewis, I'm undefeated<br>Step into my sector, homeboy, you'll get greeted<br>By the 380 colt mustang in my pocket<br>I had a few drinks already, don't make me cock it<br>Cause if I have to cock it, well then it's gettin' shot<br>And if it's gettin' shot, well, yo, you're gettin' bucked down<br>I don't fuck around, I ain't got time for punks<br>But I got time to smoke all the skunk philly blunts<br>Stunts gather round, check out the sound<br>And let's get down to do the nasty, freaky, funky<br>Stinky, junky, let's bump uglies in the nighttime<br>Between the sheets<br>Cause I rock fly rhymes over funky beats<br>The celtic ruin, the legion of doom<br>Now gimme the track, or with the fat back doom<br>Now gimme some room, and I'll explode<br>Cock back my hammer, then squeeze off my load<br>So hit the road, jack, and don't come back no more<br>Or I'll be moppin' up the floor with your crew of soft core<br>Punk pussy bitches, jail house snitches<br>On stage, I get wrecked and I collect my riches<br>I get the funky style, and like gomer pile<br>You'll be 'surprise surprise surprise!' as i<br>Rise to the top, fuck a punk cop<br>I'm always hip-hop, only a pimple goes pop<br>So you better quit, zit<br>I came to rip shit<br>Blastin' with the soul assassins<br>Askin' the question, teachin' the lesson<br>Bringin' the west coast back to the east coast<br>Where it all started, what're you, retarded<br>You're startin' to trip from that jheri curl drip<br>Soakin' in your brain, the house of pain<br>Is causin' pain, and feelin' pain<br>So feel it<br><br>Chorus<br>Just feel it<br>Feel it<br>Just feel it<br>C'mon, y'all, feel it<br><br>Back to the rhyme, I'm always on time<br>A lime to a lemon, yo, a lemon to a lime<br>I rock the old school style and it's futile<br>To step up, cause you'll get swept up<br>Like dust, or I just might bust and unload my clip<br>Unless you're a punk, then I'll just pop you in the lip<br>And show you the deal, now how did that feel<br>You know I'm killin' any pig that squeals<br>I'm fillin' up reels of tape with my fly rhymes<br>And I've got a subsciption to high times<br>Son dooby's in the back, the mexican ralph emms is on the track<br>My dj lethal, he's on the cut<br>When I bust a dope rhyme, it's like bustin' a nut<br>So let me jerk off on the mic and get it sticky<br>When I drink a brew it's either guinness or mickeys<br>I'll put your head out just like a fuckin' malboro<br>Don't fuck with me, punk, you know that I'm thorough<br>Bred like a race horse, right-in-your-face force<br>Feedin' you beats, straight off the streets<br>So catch me catch me, if you can<br>You know I'm the man like chewbacca knows han<br>Solo, bolos are what I'll be throwin'<br>When I be flowin', I get the job done<br>Cause I'm number one, the prodigal son<br>I left and I came back, but not with the same rap<br>And not with the same style, I'm known to get buckwild<br>The luck of the irish spreads like a virus<br>So feel it

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