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Beef Jerky

Lord have mercy

Please have some mercy

Lord have mercy on my soul, alleluia

An if you're tryin' to live right then peace to ya

But I'm a do ya if you try to get mine

So don't step outta line

Cause I'll smoke ya like a pig

You're like Dig

Why don't you believe

You can't comprehend the ill thoughts I conceive

I stuck even left a mark on a man

And here is somethin' you just can't understand

Mama I just killed a man

Put the gun against his head

Pulled the trigger, now he's dead

My rhapsody's bohemian

But ya never see me in

Jail cause I just made bail

I gotta good attourney so the man can't burn me

Presley to the Jackson, Getz to the Bernie

Last to the Ever, die I say never

Even though I done a

I never run from a

Punk talkin' junk just to smack his teeth

Cause I beat a man who said it

If you really want beef

[Chorus 1]

It's like that ya'll

It's like daddy-ilac

It's like this ya'll, come on!


[Chorus 2]

With everything so perfect, I really hate to spoil it

But I think I'm about to loose it, my whole life is in the toilet


So feel the rush as the flush starts suckin' you in

You want an earl with your girl, where the fuck you been?

We're just a couple of friends just drinkin' and cussin'

There really ain't no need for your fightin' and fussin'

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

I be gettin' demo out on the corner

And if it's my turn to get wrecked I'm gonna

Cause I'm on a expidition

You could even say I'm going on a mission

Competition, there ain't none

Open up your eyes, watch me rise like the sun

I got the gun plus a buck knife

Runnin' up on me is like sayin' fuck life

I got a hot piece of lead just set shit off

But you're runnin' from my steel cause your butt is soft

And if you don't cough well then you don't get off

I beat a man who said it from south to north

And east to west, sugar, I'm the best

When it comes to givin' love, I don't give out no stress

It's strictly Buddha-blessed lovin' in the raw

I be the flyest white boy you ever saw

So turn out the lights and lock the door

Cause I'm bringin' more love than ya bargained for

And if ya want beef I got fillet mingion

And if you're looking fot the brothers, just play my song

Cause I can keep it on and on like Noddy

Come to the club alone and leave with your hotty


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