HOUSE OF PAIN - All My Love lyrics

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(gets all my love) (4x) pick up the pace, keep it, freak it<br>Can ya keep a secret, so can i<br>Why ask why, try bud dry, I get fly smokin' a thai<br>Puffin' a blunt, tokin' a spliff<br>Stoppin' any crew that tries to rip<br>The house of pain, cypress hill<br>Funkdoobiest, my girl's on the pill<br>So I can drill, and not have to kill<br>An unborn child cause that's just wild<br>I felt the pain, I built the house<br>All respect due to mickey mouse<br>Club, I'm rhymin' on the dub<br>Switch off the track so I can shout out my love<br>Yea, you know my mother, she gets all my love<br>My sister casandra, my neice jessica rose, they get all my love<br>Danny boy gets all my love<br>My dj lethal, he gets all my love<br>Cypress hill, they get all my love<br>Son doobie the vocal avenger, he gets all my love<br>Ralph emms the mexican gets all my love<br>The divine styler, he gets all my love<br>Bronx style bob and claudia, they get all love<br>My man wise guy gets all my love<br>Yes, you know my man matt champy gets all my love, rest in peace my brother<br>I know you in a better place now than when you were here<br>Kahaku gets all my love<br>My man cameron, first born, scribbles, and ata, they get all my love<br>Cause those are my boys, ya know, ha ha<br>My man al b. gets all my love<br>Good lookin' out, my brother<br>Yea, my man balthazar get even the thirteenth floor get all my love<br>My man captain rudethrow gets all my love<br>Yes, kid jazz and kid scratch, they get all my love<br>Up in the boogie down bronx<br>I don't forget<br>Yes, and for inspiration, I'd like to thank allah<br><br>He gets all my love (7x)

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