Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods - The Thirst Pt. 5

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Ft. Aaradhna


We stayed away much longer than explained that we would

To be honest it was a spate of delays for the Hoods

I guess a promise is made to be made, not made to be kept

The way it weighed all these days, hey I'm blessed

And I'm honoured, and I guess I wanted things a little too quickly

Cause the last two years felt a little like fifty

I done been last meek, the Santa and the freak

Cause pressure causes suffering, was holding me to breathe

Hilltop, we back from the sabbatical, you miss us?

My briefcase is a suitcase, travel's my business

Said we'd be back last year, life got in the way of that

But that's life, we play it out, somehow get on and play it back

We made it out, then we made it back

We take them out, we still in the world not caring what

I've been having these panic attacks while I'm having a nap

Look, the one thing that I know about losing

Is that I don't know one thing about losing

Man we're back


We arrive in the night

We Come alive in the night

If the sky always colored

And runs the expanse in the absence of light

Woah! Walking under stars, we breath the night

Walking under stars, we reignite

We come alive in the night!

(Instrumental break)

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