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Hazel O'Connor - To Be Freed lyrics

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Hazel O`Connor - A. Karner

I was drowning in my anger and my mystery,

someone once told me

it's a diver you must learn to be

so I dived to the bottom of the ocean

I made friends with the things that

I feared, and didn't I rise to the tides

and I was freed

I was climbing up the mountain with

My excess baggage getting me down, down, down

My strength had all deserted me, mistakes

They weigh so heavily, Lord I fell to the ground

Then I looked inside my suitcase full

Of trouble and strife and all my victories

And sorrows of my past life and didn't I rise

and I was freed

I was dreaming we were eagles, flying

high, high to the edge of the sky

we vowed before the universe, stars

lit the space like some great church

where many candles shine

and your eyes were bright and firey

like the day that we met, I remembered

how I felt before our war made me forget.

And didn't I rise to the sky

and I was freed

Now I realise, these obstacles

that we find - are teachers and the guides -

in my life, in my life, in my

I still love you, and I know

you still love me too

To be freed...

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