Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights - Tail Lights

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The red lights stare into your eyes

They burn like Ohio fireflies

We were younger on the summer nights

But I was born to lose

For a couple of bucks into the tank

We drove into the moon _____(?)

A dead end life on a dead end road

I had everything to prove

(I had everything to prove)


The tail lights drew closer as I followed you home

A conversation took a turn and left me all alone

Poured all my heart and spilled my blood

I screamed until it hurt

I noticed that when I saw your eyes

There was nothing left to burn

(Verse 2)

The lonesome highway became my home

I burned up all these Ohio roads

The summer miles became winter nights

As I memorized I75

On the dead end road that took me back

To that end of summer heart attack

I parked the car and crossed the tracks

And I searched for those dying eyes

(Dying eyes)


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