Habeas Corpus

There are 2 bands named Habeas Corpus

1)Habeas Corpus is a rock band from Madrid, Spain, leaded by David Langa.
HC was created in 1992. When HC start it was a ‘hardcore’ group (HC initial’s are from HardCore) with a bit of ‘rap’ and ‘punk’.

The meaning of the songs always has a political and reivindicative context.

2)Habeas Corpus was a hardcore punk band that emerged from the nardcore (Oxnard, California Hardcore) scene in the early 1980s. One of the region’s first straight edge bands, Habeas Corpus combined Misfits-style horror punk with the early 80s Southern California surf/skate sound. The bands’ song Steal You Blind was featured on Mystic Records’ Nardcore compilation documenting the early Oxnard punk scene. They also appeared on Mystic’s Party Animal compilation, and released a 5 song e.p. The band toured regularly with Agression, and shared the same drummer.

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