H & Claire

H Facts

Full Name: Ian Watkins.
Date & Place Of Birth: 8/5/76, Llwynypia.
Starsign: Taurus.
Colour Of Eyes: Blue.
Colour Of Hair: Blonde.
Family: Mum - Gaynor, Dad - Robert and little brothers Jamie and Alyn.
Pets: I have two cats Hugo and Dylan and an adopted puppy called Fllic oh and I want a tortoise!
Distinguishing Marks: Forcep marks, one onder my eye and one in my hair line.
Previous Jobs: I was a Redcoat and I did work experience in a hawking centre, working with hawks.
First Record: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.
Fave Movie: Roald Dahl's The Witches.
What Would Change About Yourself: I should think before I speak.
Most Treasured Possession: A bracelet I got from my Nan who passed away and a ring from my other Nana.
Celeb crush : Martine McCutcheon, Andrea Corr, Denise Van Outen, Geri and Lisa STEPS! Haha!
Most Embarrassing Moment: My trousers fell down on stage once and then a teddy hit me on the head and knocked me over!

Claire Facts

Full Name: Claire Anne Richards.
Date & Place Of Birth: 17/8/77, Hillingdon.
Starsign: Leo.
Colour Of Eyes: Green.
Colour Of Hair: Blonde.
Family: Mum - Nina, Dad and younger sister - Gemma.
Pets: Two kittens and a puppy called Benji which H bought for her 24th birthday.

Distinguishing Marks: I have a tattoo of a musical bar on my lower spine and a birthmark on my arm.
First Poster: Rick Astley and Five Star.

First Crush: I had a crush on my P.E teacher, but I'm not telling you his name!
Fave Body Part: My Lips.
Most Snogs In One Night: Oh dear probably three at the most, when I was at school.
What Would Change About Yourself: My wobbly bum, I'd like a nice toned bottom.
Most Treasured Possession: My car, it's a silver Mercedes SLK.
Fave Flower: White lillies.
Contents Of Bag: My purse, my filofax, a pen, a tube of carmex, cough sweets, my keys and half a packet of chewing gum.
Biggest Secret: I don't have one. I've always been a good girl!

Source: http://handclaire.ultimatesteps.com/biography.html