Gym Class Heroes

Out of upstate New York has come an inventive new group that is beginning to make their mark on the music world. Instead of the conventional looped samples and canned beats, Gym Class Heroes is a 5 piece hip-hop band that uses live instruments and musicians instead of looped samples and canned beats. The band has produced an original hip-hop sound fusing crisp guitar rhythms, deep melodic bass lines, head cracking beats, and conscious lyrics to create a sound that is truly their own. In April of 2004, GCH entered a New York recording studio on a minimal budget. They returned four days later with a brand new album entitled The Papercut Chronicles. Laced with honesty and sincerity, the record captures the complexity of Gym Class Heroes as people, while showcasing phenomenal song writing abilities way beyond their age. On tracks like "Make Out Club" and the CD opener "Papercuts", front man Schleprok displays a sly and witty sense and an ability to write conceptual songs that are as humorous as they are serious. Sooner than the album could even be mixed and mastered it landed in the hands of Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy (Island Records/Fueled By Ramen Records). Before the group knew it, they were in talks with representatives from several record labels and management companies, ultimately signing with Florida based record label, Fueled By Ramen.

The band's current release "The Papercut EP" serves as a pre-release to the full length "The Papercut Chronicles", which is due to hit stores on February 22nd.

Gym Class Heroes are:
Matt - drums
Travis - vocals
Ryan - bass
Disashi - guitar

Milo - guitar
Sie One - turntables