GUTTERMOUTH - What's The Big Deal lyrics

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Its a 3 day weekend<br>I'm loading up my truck<br>Got tons of beer<br>Might shoot a deer<br>Blow the shit out of a duck<br>Stever's got a crossbow<br>Jamie a shotgun<br>Anything that fuckin moves<br>Ready aim fire (blam)!<br>Oh my God I cant believe<br>The antlers on that buck<br>It would take 40 men<br>To load him in my truck<br>Nice shot<br>Nice shot<br>Yee haw!!!!!!!<br>Got that sucker right between the eyes<br>Lets get a cold one don<br>Love seats made from hides<br>Stock your smoke house full of meat<br>Pink and blue and yellow keychains<br>Made from rabbits feet<br>Trade your jerky to the indians<br>Enjoy a coon skin hat<br>Whip up some homemade crisco<br>With the extra fat<br>(I'm wishin)<br>A flock of geese would fly on by<br>(I'm hopin) I can bag not 4 but 5<br>(reloadin)<br>Jesus fuckin christ<br>Thats the biggest moose I've ever seen<br>Get my gun goddamnit get him, get him!<br>If I cant shoot them<br>Ill start a forest fire<br>Watch em run<br>Right at my gun<br>No need for oscar meyer<br>God damn! thats a fine lookin piece of meat young man<br>That one's for me<br>Are you ready? <br>Im ready for that one there<br>Trophies on your wall<br>Slap some new boots on your feet<br>The wallet in my pocket<br>Kinda smells like meat<br>A half a dozen quail<br>A hearty rack of lamb<br>There must be 50 beavers<br>In that fuckin dam

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