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Dateline the early 1970's<br>The now world famous rock quartet<br>The doors, lead singer james morrison<br>Has recently died<br>While down but certainly not out<br>The surviving members desparetly<br>Tried to piece together their broken lives<br>Every option was considered, a new name<br>The windows, the walls, even the door knobs<br>Ultimately, the band opted to carry on<br>Under the original doors name<br>Auditioning new singers<br>One young hopeful, a struggling art<br>Student from athens, georgia,<br>Fred schnider, who went on to front<br>The hugely successful, b-52's tried<br>Our for this position<br>The lyrical style of young schnider,<br>More known for his quick wit and<br>Imprompto jams was hard fought<br>To match the well structured<br>Melodies of the classic doors numbers<br>Lets listen in.........<br>Love me 2 times<br>Love me 3 times<br>I've got me a car<br>It seats about 20<br>So hurry up and bring<br>Your juke box money<br>Gloria<br>Gloria<br>Your livin in your own private idaho<br>Livin in your own private idaho<br>This is the end<br>This is the end<br>Wammy kiss me wammy hug<br>Revitalize me give me wammy love yea!<br>Light my fire<br>We couldn't get much higher<br>He was in a jam<br>He's in a giant clam

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