GUTTERMOUTH - Veggicide lyrics

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Something's up<br>Something's on my mind<br>I try to go to sleep<br>I try to pass the time<br>What gives you the right<br>To kill a harmless carrot<br>Growing in god's sunlight<br><br>You say they're best<br>You say they're best for you<br>I say it's not true<br>You say they make<br>A damn good stew<br>So it's time<br>It's time to liberate<br>Don't eat a carrot<br>Spare it<br>And don't eat the beet<br>On your plate<br><br>All my friends say<br>Veggies feel no pain<br>All my friends say<br>Veggies have no brains<br>All my friends say<br>Veggies feel no pain<br>Don't stir fry by me!

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