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Now the time is here<br>Toilet talk is what is near<br>In an outhouse outside my pad<br>My sense of smell makes me see red<br>My dog takes a drink<br>From the toilet which makes us think<br>Toilet!!<br>Pizza dinner I went out<br>20 beers scream and shout<br>Now the moment of truth comes in<br>I'll fill that dog from the other end<br>I hope that someday I will find<br>A giant toilet of this kind<br>It's drained with tile and coping and<br>Free alva decks for my whole band<br>Skate this thing till the break of dawn<br>While corky and tyler pack my bong<br>What's the deal you say it's gay<br>While chicks and jocks they think it's lame

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