GUTTERMOUTH - Sucking Dick For Beer lyrics

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She's a little angel<br>Only 17<br>She don't need no money<br>She just winks her eye<br>She wont give you any<br>But if your in a band<br>Then she'll call you daddy<br>I think you understand<br>Mommy's little princess<br>If they could se her now<br>Their precious little girl<br>You know she's going down<br>She thinks she's got them fooled<br>But everybody sees<br>That she ain't no angel<br>But hell she aims to please<br>She'll make you think that<br>Your the one<br>Loves you for an hour<br>Than she's gone<br>Every weekend its<br>Another band<br>She's seen everybody's<br>Tour van<br>Stay away from me, stay away from me<br>You fucked all the punk bands<br>It don't make you cool<br>You have become a joke<br>Its time to be yorself<br>Its time to stop the act<br>I might like you better<br>So just get of your back

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