GUTTERMOUTH - I Have A Dream lyrics

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Hey hey, todays my lucky day<br>Puff was taken out<br>By snoop dog and dr. dre<br>Hey hey a plane went down today<br>The entire cast of friends<br>Found floating in the bay<br>Fuck yeah, hooray!<br>Cancer killed the guy<br>From sugar ray<br>Hey hey, it's my lucky day<br>The canadian government said that<br>We can play, eh!<br>Climb the ladder of success<br>And you'll have loads of friends<br>Make damn sure that no one<br>Hears you when you speak your mind<br>Smile nicely laugh a little<br>As you slap that back<br>I'm so happy, ain't it grand<br>Warren from the vandals isn't very tan<br>Just jokin, we love ya, warren<br>Honk honk, your ska<br>Skank your way right to lock jaw<br>Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky day<br>No fuck no<br>What you gonna do now<br>No no no<br>What you gonna do<br>No no no<br>What you gonna do now<br>No fuck no<br>Lucky me, I found a magic lamp<br>Send those eskimos<br>To a european camp<br>Raining down from above<br>I'll recieve myself on courtney love<br>Today must be my lucky day<br>Cause you got hiv (not me)<br>I'll take in a movie<br>I struck oil under my house<br>While planting magic beans<br>I only wish these things<br>Were more than just a dream

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