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See you in church<br>And I see you in school<br>You say that you live<br>By that golden rule<br>But look again<br>It's all a lie<br>You're a hypocrite<br>And I don't know why<br>Your life's filled<br>With distortion and lies<br>See you at a party<br>Don't know what to say<br>When I catch you in a lie<br>You just turn your head away<br>But take a look around<br>You've got none to fool<br>Because non of us around<br>Live by mother's golden rule<br>Take a look around<br>Not a fucking sound<br>Eyes stare at you<br>What you gonna do? <br>You live a life of lies<br>The truth to you is no surprise<br>You say it's on the way<br>But now you fuckin pay

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