GUTTERMOUTH - Good Friday lyrics

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Thank you for the easter bunny<br>Sitting at my door<br>It wasn't made of chocolate<br>But it shit right on my floor<br>Thank you God for christmas trees<br>Return the gifts for money<br>Thank you for my paycheck<br>Now here's your 10%<br>I'd love to give you more<br>But I barely make my rent<br>Thank you lord for turning<br>Fruity grapes right into wine<br>It sure does make it easy<br>To try out my pick-up line<br>Once there was no t.p.<br>Inside my hotel room<br>The Bible had 10,000 pages<br>But I only used a few<br>Sunday school such a joy<br>Forced to fondle reverend roy<br>Good friday

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