GUTTERMOUTH - Gods Kingdom lyrics

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I was down on my luck tired or working for my bucks<br>So I bought a one way ticket on a 40 foot long bus<br>This can't be happening to me<br>I think it just a dream<br>Halfway there I saw the glare<br>This place is fuckin heaven<br><br>I believe, believe in god<br>Before I found las vegas I'd say burn that synagogue<br>Now I believe, believe in god<br>In just one night I saw the light<br>So grab a cab and hold on tight<br><br>Slots-o-fun, slots-o-fun<br><br>I used to feel so lost no gambling in my life<br>Now there's no turning back I'd even bet my wife<br>This can't be happening to me<br>I'm losing everything<br>I say dear lord I'll steal a ford<br>And put it down on red<br><br>I believe, believe in god<br>To you it's just jesus christ to me it's jesus keno<br>I believe, believe in god<br>Fuck my health I just want wealth<br>And ceasar is my leader yea<br><br>Slots-o-fun, slots-o-fun<br><br>Evil I don't see no<br>My son's now named casino<br>Ask me why God lives here<br>You know I'll just say bingo<br>I'm making it a point to place a bet at every joint<br>Drink more booze I just can't lose<br>This place is fuckin heaven<br><br>I believe, believe in god<br>It didn't take me much<br>I went there on a hunch<br>I believe, believe in god<br>Lucky number seven take me straight to heaven<br><br>Slots-o-fun, slots-o-fun

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