GUTTERMOUTH - Give Me A Gun lyrics

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Give me a gun cause cause bombs and guns are really fun<br>I've lost my job my moneys gone live like a slob<br>I've got no home only streets to roam live so alone<br>I'm barely alive I feed on cats to survive<br><br>My wife left me my kids are dead<br>All this guilt is in my head<br>I can't go on living like this<br>I wish that I was dead I wish<br><br>Give me a gun I'll kill a nun just wait and see<br>Give me a gun I'll shoot a cop to be on tv<br>Nothing could be more fun than a shooting spree<br>Once again I found myself back on tv<br><br>Guns are fun so much fun neato fun, fun, fun<br>Better run I got a gun<br>Come on down and join the fun

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