GUTTERMOUTH - End On 9 lyrics

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Sometimes I let things get me down<br>People tell me that I've got no future<br>Not this time, I'm gonna prove them wrong<br>I'm gonna screw them all and beat the system<br><br>Distinguish myself<br>From the rest of the flock<br>With my huge blue mohawk<br>I choose not to follow the norm<br>I'm as capable and more qualified than most<br><br>People, you've gotta face the fact<br>Realize that we can make a difference<br>Ignorance, the plague is everywhere<br>You know you gotta care about your freedoms<br><br>Single handedly<br>I will wage my war on a personal level<br>Everyday I will attack the establishment<br>Fishing without a license<br>And I will drink wine befoe it's time<br><br>Everything will be okay<br>Sit at home and watch television<br>Don't think anymore<br>No time for self expression<br>Keep me in the closet man, in the dark<br>Be a number, not a human<br>Number 201 report for duty, sir<br><br>This time...I'm gonna prove them wrong<br>This time...I'll show them that I'm strong<br>This time...I'll fight until the end<br>This time...just you and I my friend<br>This time...

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