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Complimentary, is an homage I will pay<br>Mediocracy, is the mantra of our time<br>Nihilism, instability within<br>We won't be pacified<br>We brake to olive branch sick cow<br>Instability, sardonic to the end<br>Delusionary expectancy<br>Of things you can't ammend<br>Don't call me a patriarch<br>Don't honor my contempt<br>Intolerant intoxicant<br>1 potato, 1 potato, 3 potato 4<br>Dehumanize, then immunize<br>Please visualize the door<br>5 potato, 6 potato, 7 potato more<br>Absorbent deodorant<br>Stick that between your legs, honey!<br>Constant vigilance precludes your surprise<br>Roll out the barrel, it's time to americanize<br>Rational thinking aludes you all the way<br>Constipation, is a problem within<br>So villanious we can't discuss<br>The quagmire we are in<br>Don't call me irrelevant<br>Don't supersize the lies<br>Mathematically schematically<br>Puzzlehead go to bed

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