GUTTERMOUTH - Disneyland lyrics

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Get pissed, you suck<br>I know your kind<br>I know the system<br>I know it's not so fine<br>I know the bees, I know the rains<br>I know that logging can kill<br>Oh, well, let's just go on dumbo<br><br>Profound, that's what I found<br>Profound, oh to the ground<br>Profound, that's what I found<br>Why must we chop it to the ground<br><br>My god, it's done, but I can cope<br>How about those dodgers<br>No time to sit around and mope<br>Clear out those trees<br>Let's make some cash<br>Pack up the animals<br>And ship them to the zoo<br>We'll have a blast<br><br>You know what I'd do<br>I think it would be so grand<br>We'll chop down the rain forest<br>And build another disneyland<br>Who gives a hoot<br>About the lungs of the earth<br>I don't, so who cares<br>Scew it, man, for what it's worth<br><br>I knew the bees, I knew the rains<br>I knew the system would chop this place<br>And then they would make me pay<br>I knew the snakes, I knew tree frogs<br>If I knew admission was thirty bucks<br>I'd of brought discover card

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