GUTTERMOUTH - Derek lyrics

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Can't you see<br>That I'm not straight edge<br>You can tell<br>By the look in my eye<br>I hear that shit you preach<br>It's so far out of reach<br>You meaningless x's<br>Don't cry<br><br>It's done man<br>Yes, it's done man<br>Yes, it's done<br>We know your scene is gone<br>Yes it's gone, it's gone<br><br>Train of thought that you'll outgrow<br>It's only a matter of time<br>I'm old enough to think<br>So I'm old enough to drink<br>I won't ebb with your tide<br><br>Hide behind your x's, that is fine<br>But keep it to yourself<br>Don't you get it, admit it<br>This phase is for the under twenty one

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