GUTTERMOUTH - Can't We All Just Get Along

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(at the dinner table)<br><br>Welcome everybody to my table<br>Don't be shy, man, grab a seat<br>C'mon, it's time to eat, dig in<br><br>Frejoles de t.j., sushi from japan<br>Weenies from america<br>Don't forget canned ham<br>Monkey brains from india<br>? ? ? ? from france<br>Pizzas from chicago<br>Korea, dog, many cat<br><br>All we want is, all we need is<br>All we want is, all we need is<br>All we want is one more beer<br>To teach the world<br>To sing in harmony<br><br>Eating can resolve<br>This racial tension<br>Get yourself a side of beef<br>Electric knife, and 50' of cord<br><br>Flies from ethiopia<br>Sangria de espana<br>Crumpets from england<br>Sand from iran<br>Bratwurst von deutchland<br>Meatballs from sweden<br>Mongolian bbq<br>Bacon from canada, eh...<br><br>The next time you're about to shout a racial slur, stop, and think about<br>All the wonderful dishes that come from his or her country, and channel<br>Your energies into enjoying your next international delight!

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