GUTTERMOUTH - Born In The Usa lyrics

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Go fuck your system<br>I'd rather die<br>Than support your terrorist war<br>Leave it alone<br>You levy your tax<br>Deny me a job<br>Fucking cops harrassing me<br>Just tell me why<br>Why why why<br>Capitalist rules<br>Fascist mom and dad<br>Identity is washed away<br>Bloodsucking state<br>Clinton equals hitler<br>Money fans the flames<br>Idol worship like a sheep<br>Don't let them win<br>Don't use your brain<br>Everything's ok<br>Relax and watch tv<br>Have a nice day no<br>No no no<br>The human race is gone<br>Thanx to ww3<br>You gave your life for nothing son<br>Son of liberty die<br>Die die die<br>Don't let them win<br>Don't cast a vote<br>Don't live in silence<br>Don't put down your arms<br>Don'tbe a puppet<br>Don't choose their way<br>Don't feed the bears<br>Don't live their lie

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