GUTTERMOUTH - Baker's Dozen

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Oh my god<br>I'm confused<br>I wanna go punk<br>But there's way too many rules<br>Pardon me<br>Mr. punker<br>I'm looking for some insight<br>On the core that's right for me<br>Tell me please<br>I'm down on my knees<br>I like my beer<br>I like my steer<br>I don't want any holes in my face<br>I'm no queer<br>I bought some docs<br>Black flag rocks<br>Mosh and crowd surf<br>I wanna be unusual, I wanna be punk rock<br>I wanna be unusual, I wanna be punk rock<br>Should I be emo<br>And just cry? <br>Maybe I'll go ska core<br>And skank until I die<br>How bout hardcore? really hardcore<br>I fuckin hate that metal shit<br>Sober vegans you all suck!<br>So what's your core? <br>Stupid whore<br>You must be a riot girl<br>You're not very funny<br>Nice tatoo<br>Use some shampoo<br>Rice cakes, soy milk<br>Go sid vicious<br>Ska core<br>Snow core<br>Hard core<br>Homo core<br>Alba core<br>I can't take it anymore<br>My core<br>Your core<br>This core<br>That core<br>One core<br>I can't take it!!

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