Griffin House

Griffin House - Sinner

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I'm just a sinner

On an ever changin' road

I know my self awhile

But the feelings come and go

I love my life too much

And I can't see the next

But I'm trying to believe in war

So when I have nothing left

I can shoot on up to heaven

And never hurt no more

I'll never change a chapter

I can finally finally finally close the door

Mmmmm Mmmm

I feel my light is burnin down

Mmmmm Mmmm

I feel my time is runnin out


Mmm Hmmm

We build a life of dreams

We build our familys homes

Together we build a love

'Cuz we hate hate hate to be alone

I miss you when your far away

And i'll remember when you were near

Most of all i miss you

As you lie beside me

Mmmmm Mmmm

I feel my light is burnin down

Mmmmmm Mmmm Mmmm


Oooh Ohhhh

Oooh Ohhhh

I'm just a sinner.

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