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Griffin House - Missed My Chance

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Passed through Main Street yesterday and, oh, this town just ain’t the same.

Looked in the window and it was gone. All those tables I’d written on

Were vainished as if I had never been there.

Like poets and prophets who can’t find the words so they stare

And all that made sense has somehow turned askew

I missed my chance with you

There were seconds then minutes then years that I could not breath

In the Pere Lachaise with the hammer the chisel and the stone

Now I’ve bartered and begged for what I believed

And I saw that the name engraved was my own

Now there’s nothing so peaceful as when I met you

And there’s nothing so lonely as when it was through

And the words, “I’m not here anymore,” echo into:

I missed my chance with you

Had love play so many tricks on me.

I’ve always felt cheated that you’d make me leave.

Like taking my sight after letting me see.

I found out love had something up it’s sleeve.

Leave me scattered like leaves by winds that never blew

When I captured the starts in the palm of my hand it was true

I’d just give them back

To you

I was seventeen, but just for one year

I always knew one day I’d end up here.

And the sands have now fallen to the evening of my afternoon

I was always so ready to stay and always leaving too soon

And I don’t want to think about it now, but I do.

And my spirit is restless, ‘cause I know it’s true.

I missed my chance with you.

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