GRAVEDIGGAZ - 1-800-Suicide

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(feat. Booker T. & the MG's)

[Chorus: KRS One]

Suicide it's a suicide


Suicide it's a suicide


[Verse One: Fruitkwan/Gatekeeper]

So you wanna die, commit suicide

Dial 1-800-Cyanide line

Far as life, yo it ain't worth it

Put a rope around your neck and jerk it

The trick didn't work

Your life was fucked up from the first day of birth

After watching Jackie Gleason walk into a precinct

Gun down the captain for no fucking reason

And get some LSD or a drink from the bar

Get behind your wheel and crash the car

Like Desert Storm, got bombs for the war

confront an alligator, let it eat ya raw

Back to the function, riding the caboose to hell

BZZZZZT touched the third rail.

You fucked up chicken, now you just got fried

Cause it's a suicide


[Verse Two: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper]

Hey you little rich kid, what's your beef?

Come and tell the Grym Reaper all of your grief

You asked for a Benz and you only got a Jeep

Your pop's got endz, but yo he's mad cheap

Maybe you're a bastard child you think

Mom and dad are white and you're dark as ink

Maybe you're Sicilian with a tan

But you hate lasagna and the pizza man

Now you stand on the grave digga locked and

You're singing the blues about the rough life you've got


You don't wanna live no more

I guess you're really ready for the grave yard tour

When you get home just fill up your windows and you doors

Turn your oven on high for about four hours

Light you a blunt, kiss your ass goodbye

You gassed yourself 'cause it's a suicide


[Interlude: Scott (the Moleman) Harding:]


I've said it before and I'll say it again

Life moves pretty fast

If you don't stop and look around every once in a while

you could miss it

Verse Three: Prince Rakeem/Ryzarector

Six fucking devils stepped up playing brave God

Had the fucking nerve to try and enta my grave yard

I'm the Ryzarector, be my sacrafice

Commit suicide and I'll bring you back to life

The first was convinced

Stuck a water hose in his mouth at full blast so his head can explode

Second said hmmmm that's good but I can top it

Put an ax up to his head and then he chopped it

Blood shot out in every direction

The rest didn't know what to do, I made suggestions

Put a slug in your mug, overdose on a drug

Wet your hair stick a knife in the plug

Or be like Richard Pryor set your balls on fire

Better yet go hang yourself with a barbed wire

Three and Four fell deep into spell and

Ran to the zoo, locked themselves in a lion's den

Number Five said it ain't worth being alive

Smoked a dust suede, mixed it with cynaide

The only one to escape was number Six

He went home

Sat in the tub and slit his wrists

Yeah, more graves to dig. Goodbye

There's no need to cry...

... cause we all die

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