Golden Earring

Golden Earring - Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart

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On the double

The Complete Naked Truth

The rainbow hides no treasure, oh believe me it's not true

and there ain't no mixture, that will give you back your youth

No mystic machine that makes the sand turn to gold

Like there ain't no magic word, that holds you back from getting old

I catch a branche and I break it in my hands

Like you broke my heart, oh I still can't understand

No mysterious mixture, can heal the wound you've made

Only time will bring peace to me, and now I just hate

Oh I'll break up and I'll give it all up

No more lies, no more rainbow treasures

No more fairytales, no more games for me

It's my life, my life, a pleasure

There's just a little bit of peace in my heart

There's just a little bit of happiness I'll part

I catch a branche.....................................

The time rolls by, the days go by

When will I learn to stop wondering why

despairing I'm going down on my knees

I'm begging, begging, begging, oh please

Thanks to Dete for correcting these lyrics

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