Glasseater - Recurring

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let's take a break from this

so you can quickly start with that

if i could show you how i feel right now

maybe it's jealousy

maybe it's me knowing i couldn't be there for you

i've never felt that way

close your eyes and make a wish

so we can end this final chapter

this book has waited to long to close

please end this final chapter

maybe it's just me realizing i didn't know you

i just craved you

maybe i did know you but it was just time before you

realized no matter how much i would give you

you would always want more with me

tried to capture as much happiness

i've never felt that way

and i'll be the first one to say i told you so

before you continue to confuse me

before i continue to confuse me

i wish i could relive our good days in replay

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