Glasseater - Greetings...Goodbye

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this is me saying goodbye to you

from this day forward i won't think about you

this is me placing a mental blanket over our times together

goodbye to you goodbye to us

if somehow our lives intersect in the future

fate will decide the outcome

it has to be this way

a selfish way to act

but it's my only remedy in dealing with you

so i'll use this pen and it's insides

to conjure the thought of you one more time

so here i leave you with goodbye

the memories of you will end

and be cast away

as the ink from this tool of my thoughts runs out

i'm saying goodbye

you has these beautiful eyes

and the way you carried yourself

you made the impossible possible you opened my heart

and shine light on the darkness i fell for you

you can't just break me in two

goodbye to you.

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