Girl Next Door

Kat Green - Vocals
Billy Lincoln - Guitar

Tucked away in a cramped second story apartment in Hollywood California, a small band practices nightly to get its sound right. If you listen carefully past the drowning traffic and barking dogs, you might hear the Girl Next Door recording beautifully crafted songs of personal struggle, frustration and hope.

GND's founding members, Kat Green and Billy Lincoln, kept their neighbors up all night with turntable loops and screaming feedback guitars. Their self released CD, appropriately titled Remembering Analogue has already sold over 1,000 copies locally and continues to sell at various Virgin Megastores and Tower Records. Unhampered by the "beatle-esque" 8-track recording equipment, the songs range from progressive pop to dramatic soundtrack to jazz leaving them both unadulterated and daring. This album, along with their latest EP, Transition, features the sexy trip-hop single "Gorgeous" which grabbed the attention of various music supervisors in and around Hollywood. "Gorgeous" has appeared in several movies including Miramax's sleeper hit She's All That.

Transition, is GND's first journey into the digital domain. The EP contains "Gorgeous", a remix of "Gorgeous", an enhanced video of the single, and three new songs which enter the collaboration of Will Thomas from the techno group SlipCritical. "It was only natural that we start to record digitally." says Lincoln, "The trick is to do it without losing the warmth and dynamics." Once again, the dynamic duo continue to keep us on our toes with modern beats, catchy choruses and a trademark sexy sound.

During these times when cookie cutter bands saturate the air waves, no matter where your taste in music may lie, you can now find refuge in a new raw sonic and emotional venture. All you have to do is put an ear against the wall, listen past the rumblings of city decay and hear the enchanting GIRL NEXT DOOR.