GINUWINE - World Is So Cold

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Chorus:<br><br>The world is so cold why did you leave me standing there alone in my shadow looking for your prescence but it's not there (repeat)<br><br>Vers. 1<br><br>One thing's on my mind the thought is having you to have you next to me thats where you want to be, baby you're a diamond, you're my world tell me where did you go, baby how could you leave that<br>T and leave me all alone already the world is so cold<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>Vers 2<br><br>I'm lost and all alone no doubt I'm miserable got much good love to give alone's no way to live, baby you made me feel so whole and now I've broke apart I can't believe you're gone, baby it tore<br>T my heart the world is so cold, baby<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>*breakdown*<br><br>(why did you leave me) (I've never done anything to you, why did you leave me baby) (ooh) (there's already pain in my life) (I didn't need no more from love) (now you've given me ? )<br><br>Yes you did (why did you leave me) (I've never did anything wrong to you) (why did you)<br><br>The world is so cold I miss you the world is so cold I love you I don't understand why what I've ever done to you

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