GINUWINE - Toe 2 Toe

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Yeah, on my time off<br>I seen alot of people tryin' to be like me<br>Timbaland, I know you have, knowumsayin'? <br>But we gon' hit 'em like this<br>Check it out<br><br>Chorus:<br>None of y'all wanna go against me<br>Ya trip me out tryin to orbit me<br>But this go 'round i'ma show you once<br>Said that you don't got what it take<br><br>None of y'all wanna go toe to toe<br>Face to face, head to head, blow for blow<br>And this go 'round i'ma show you once<br>Said that you don't got what it takes<br><br>2nd verse:<br>Listen..<br>What's mines is mines and yours is yours<br>You were violated when you walked through the door<br>Can't nobody see ginuwine and the fam'<br>Stepped up in the business and we changed all your plans<br>Entertained our people, gave 100 damn percent<br>Never dream how much that all of us would get bent<br><br>To all of those who want it won't you just quit it<br>You ain't seen a thing until you all have come wit it<br>No need to trick nigga, take your pick<br>Cuz on this cd every song's a hit<br>My whole damn crew, can't a soul get wit<br>So don't even hate cuz you can't touch it<br><br>Chorus<br><br>2nd verse:<br>I'ma get respect one way or the other<br>Even if I take it, i'ma make you wanna<br>Go get your crew but they can't help you<br>Now it's you and i, and you know you're through<br>I'm gonna nod who ever think they can<br>Get wit ginuwine and timbaland<br>Step to the plate ya take your swing<br>Now it's my turn watch me do my thing<br><br>Chorus

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