GINUWINE - Betta Half

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You know what baby.

I'm so gald that... you're mine and i'm yours

I thank God for you and um... You just make me better

You're my betta half.

Who,who, who loves me like you do

Oh baby baby who, who,who,who loves me like you do


There just ain't another for me to say how much I thank the lord for you. And you know I would have never seen the light of day without your strenght to guide me through. You are my homie, my best friend, my lover, my dime

To show you what I feel and let you know it's real. There is no mountain I won't climb

Chorus: It hurts me, just to know you're hurting. And it kills me, just to know you're sad. You're all I need, you're more than just a friend in need. You're everything cuz you're my betta half.


There just ain't a thing that I won't do for you. You are my light, my inner soul. Without you here I'll lose my life and all there is. Without your love I'll lose control. How can I explain, words just can't describe, got to tell you though, can't think about my pride. You are meant for me you are a gift from God. You're the seed of my soul. You're my young when I'm all grown old.

Chorus: x1

Ain't nobody else gone love me like you love me

And I'm sure of it cuz you're my betta half

Ain't nobody else gone treat me like you treat me

And I'm sure of it cuz you're my betta half

You put up with the hard times

You put up with the sad times

And you prove it you love me

Girl I love you, this is all true

You're the best girl, do you hear me

And I'm ready for change girl

Chorus: x2 Till fade out

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