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Gilbert O'Sullivan - That’s the Kind of Love I Need lyrics

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You gotta love what you're doin' and not know why

You gotta feel like you're havin' a ball

You gotta see why it isn't you feel like this

And why it is you can feel it at all

The rotten age where apparently yes be heard

But you must not as if worry be seen

And the clothes you wear, you cannot go there

It's strictly for 18s

You wanna roll with the bunches and not lay down

You wanna laugh when the billet arrives

You wanna roar like a lion to the sun

And make a bee line for one of his hives

You have a partner, you'll live with her, like to wait

Or it's for you, you don't see the point

Rising the ____(?) don't need you to hurt

When you're already goin'

Knew not even when it leaves you cold

Knew you when ain't been taught

You know where a juni down on the floor

Why is it so hard to spark?

Knew them all and then I asked you out

Hopin' to succeed

Knew it even when you said that I was off my head

That's the kind of love I need

You wanna blow out the candle and ease the rent

And then regret it the minute it's done

You wanna reel or a list of your favorite words

Now just plead for your favorite ones

You wanna look like you know what they're on about

In the house when they have any bait

You can bless my soul when you're on a roll

Or even on a cake

Knew the time I left the door unlocked

Knew when that be the case

I have to stir when I had to leave the energy flat

Like we were what we had to face

Knew the moment that you caught my eye and you payed no eave

Knew that in my heart of wants and all other parts

That's the kind of love I need

For a moment there it felt like maybe something had gone wrong

Soon I had a valley when I found where it had gone

Who if them not hard would ever clean

Unload the path is always smooth

Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh OH OH OH OOH!

Knew the moment I would knock on the door

Knowing I'd be late

Knew that even if my wrongs would at first be crossed

It's a line that he has to take (?!)

You make it plain that our love should last

Eyes have been ________(?)

If it makes a better man than the one I am

That's the kind of love I

That's the kind of love I

That's the kind of love I need

Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh OH OH OH OOH!

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