Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Speaking of Which lyrics

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Put up or shut up, that's the key

Talk on the failure and out you'll be

Speaking of which then before a match

Make sure your whistle is up to scratch

No expectations are at best

All that at times you need

Let's not to say up first

You won't succeed

Cross party talks now taking place

On the agenda of violent ways

Speaking of which now more and more

What's ever simple about a war?

Move all the bugging, I agree

Isn't it what you smell?

Love and a window, love should go around

No more

You now see people who join a group

But not as in a band

We're in it simply to change the world

To one they see as bleak is man

Who's saying our drugs can be soft?

A bit like a landing we like a lot

Speaking of which, all you will find

Cafes that truly can blow your mind

As for the future, who's to say

Going the way we've gone

Teller this one secure I do clear one

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