Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gilbert O'Sullivan - No Way lyrics

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From the looks you're giving me

I can tell as well I see

If I've done something you think's wrong

No words need be conveyed

Then again when we embrace

From the look that's on your face

If heaven is a place on earth

Right here is where it's been

We read it so it must be wise

Despite it being a pack of lies

Have I a bet that's on the side

When he's all I can say


No way. No way! NO WAY, no way, no way

No way.

(Verse 2)

There's no question my good brother

None whatever overlooked

If love's the answer to our prayers

How secular are we?

Let these moments pass us by

Anyway above and fly

If you have time that's on your hands

Make washing them a spree

I'm not a saint, I must confess

Before I met you at my best

I played the field, I flew the nest

Would I do that today?


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