Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Love I You lyrics

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I want to hold you in my arms

And make love to ya all night long

I want to feel your body tremble

As it bends like the neck of a _____(?)

Don't forgive me if I slow down

When I paused to take a break

That indeed would never do

Love I you I love love I you

I want to call you up at night

Have you describe what you have on

And when the year is very little

I'm sure a move, it would not take long

I may not be the most romantic man

You've ever come across

But the course of me, it's true

Love I you I love love I you

For which a Sunday morning, everyone's in bed

Papers line to scatter, longing to be read

I won't draw my curtains, not if you won't draw the line

The line that says that says that if you weren't your truly

We'll go beyond it, it's what you wanted

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