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Gilbert O'Sullivan - Let’s See lyrics

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One day you'll wake up, look for your phone

Find that it's gone off and enter the home

Home where the most of events have to do

Just call or get called on instead of (Instead of...)

Well let's see, making folders of you and me

On films that truly shocked in hearts

This shown, hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm

Mind over matter, no matter what

Matters so little the little you've got

Foot stamps on letters sent in the post

Don't think, to be honest, they'll get there (they'll get there...)

And let's see, we've been made redundant

You could be all ready for a start, your heart

Is broke

And as for the man who was someone you trusted

You've grown and adjusted, did something to you then

Who's gonna know it? Who will expose it?

Back when nobody seems to care

And lets see, as a barely manic who'd well be

In for the weak on, let's see

That Bob's your uncle then, ok

But what is he to me?

Lets see

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