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Gilbert O'Sullivan - If You Want Me to lyrics

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First, can I say that how happy I've been

Having you here

Others that where are now gone

Leaving the wake here (?!)

And yet for all that I sense

A reluctance on your part

Yes, you like where this is going

But not yet where it could start

No doubt that what you've been through

In the past can't be easy

How someone you love so much

Walked out on you beats me

But given time if you think

There's a difference we could make

Why not at least let me try even as friends, I say


I may look like a man who at times

Can't tell his beer from its wines

But you know that I love you

If you want me to

(Verse 2)

Why do I feel when I knock on

Your door and you answer

Something about how you look

Makes you look even grander

A word in my ear then

All words I keep meaning to keep out

How can the more we get up

Means there is more to doubt?


I may lose what I gain on the swing

Even when on it I cling

But you know that I love you (love me)

If you want me to

If you want me to


There's no denying, if truth be told

We have our separate ways

But one thing for sure

Together is where it stays

(Verse 3)

As for the future, if you care to love

Now mind it be

If there's a case to be made

Might it be made for me?


I may not have the presence of mind

Something to which I resign

But you know that I love you (love you)

If you want me to (if you want me to)

If you want me to!

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