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Gilbert O'Sullivan - Hablando del Rey de Roma lyrics

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I don't mind repeating what I feel is ok

Why is news always needing to be breaking each day?

Fight through some good too, baby give it a rest

Khalil in the screen blank, with the can't see test

Meanwhile in Asia, a tree has gone down

And before you know it, your food(?!) is around

We all have trees, but can't you see? Now as they say


Hablando del Rey de Roma

Hablando del Rey de Roma

(verse 2)

Forget what you're doing

Come in from the cold, if there's reason you're gone

Could it be they only sold? You have no idea

Why your head's in the sand

Could it be you were open? It could be in your hand

Right at the airport, checking on time

But you're overweight, it's only leave behind

Yes indeed, they don't believe, but as they say in Rome



When love sneaks in and spies on you

Don't get in a state

All this doing is ensuring that his future is your fate

We know a horse runs far, the horse has dead all around

And yet... so well kept!


(Guitar solo)


(verse 3)

Would know you from a mile

The look on your face

Wouldn't know you as madam

If I known it was grace

Addressing a burger made out of weed

Cook makes it look like it was made out of meat

So vegetarian, so very now

The only clothes you are saving impound

That's for us, who's wearing fur?

Or as we say back home


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